Did someone say ‘The hub for learning and Virtual Worlds’?

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The answers is yes.

They did say that.

Join up with RezEd here. Learn about learning in virtual worlds. Do it now.

Here’s an example of how your new profile will look.


Teaching angles with a ninja that dangles

March 30, 2009 § 4 Comments


Why not let a ninja help middle years students learn about angles?

While students negotiate a myriad of sticky situations it is their understanding of angles that saves them.

Check it out right here.

The sprite way to help students with consumer arithmetic

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My Year 9 mathematics students have been learning about money. We have covered aspects of taxation, simple interest, compound interest and considered that latest executive bonus payments issue in Australia.


 In order to see the implications of investing wisely we were refreshed with this lemonade stand. This lemonade task met the working mathematically outcome of students using a “guess and refine strategy when investigating unfamiliar problems” (NS5.2.2). This work links with the work that students study in Commerce.


There is no need to be embarrassed by a wiki

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Next week my Year 12 General Mathematics students will be sitting their half yearly examination.

I have started a wiki where students can post their ideas on how to best prepare for the task.

Screen shot of a wiki

Screen shot of a wiki

The benefit of a wiki is that the students can collaborate to create a useful resource.

If you aren’t familiar with wikis then hover over this link and press play.

Don’t follow my lead

March 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

I am officially a loser.

I danced in a night club on Second Life (SL).

So there may be some educational implications to this but right now I just feel dirty.


On a postive note, I am going to attend a conference called, RezEd’s first Seasonal Meetup.

It is going to be run by the guys at http://www.rezed.org/ and this is the blurb.

For our first virtual meet up, we are going to discuss a very hot topic: “Educational implications of mixed-age versus age-segregated virtual worlds.”  There are going to be three speakers and there’ll be time for Q&A and discussion.

I’m wanting to learn something good from the professionals.

Attack by the killer number line

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Imagine a number line site that could help students to learn.

Imagine no longer and visit this special place.

SL and Excel – the lethal combination

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Vex spending time with his thoughts

Vex spending time with his thoughts

So my Year 9 Mathematics students are going to be enjoying a value packed lesson of gathering tree information on our Second Life (SL) island and then analysing the data using Microsoft Excel.

We are currently learning about statistics and I know that adding  SL into the mix will make things interesting.

Let’s see how it goes.

There are many educational opportunities in SL.

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