The top five tools that twitter has delivered to my barn

April 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

The top five golden nuggets that twitter has delivered to my dairy barn.




Prezi – You can bid farewell to boring old Powerpoint. It’s time to let the animating zebra take control.

Wordle – Grab a selection of text and turn it into a word cloud.

Go Animate – A sneaky flash animation tool where you can create cartoons.

Snippy – A handy tool for cutting out pictures or text from websites.

Mind maps – An easy way to pull together and organise ideas in html.


Math teachers – check out this network

April 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Math teachers – join this network for teaching strategies, resources and ideas.

It has been set up by a guy called Rashmi Kathuria and you can check his blog out here.


My first (1st) Second (2nd) Life meeting

April 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

I attended my first ever Second Life (SL) conference last week.

It was organised by the friendly folks at Rez Ed.

I was part of discussion regarding the issues of mixed ages in virtual worlds.

I am glad that my school has purchased a Second Life (SL) private island so that we can track what happens with our students ( hopefully offering them a safer place to learn).

It was good to meet a variety of people (below) and I have since starting following their blogs/tweets.

Lisa Dawley

SL official

In particuluar, it was great to come into contact with MathBear.

Smitty checking out the Math Bear Education Initiative

Smitty checking out the Math Bear Education Initiative

I am hoping to learn a great deal about teaching mathematics in virtual worlds from him.

It will be great for more maths teachers to get involved in developing these types of environments.

MathBear says that ‘Teaching mathematics in Second Life can be made into a more meaningful and engaging learning experience for students than is generally possible in real life schools.

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