My first maths test in a virtual world

September 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was the first time that students sat part of their formative assessment in our school’s Second Life island. We have been learning about surds and the first three questions for the test took place on a dark brown platform right next to the art gallery.

Year 9 test_001

I would state a question to the students and they would each respond using local chat. This meant that it wasn’t an authentic assessment given that students could see other student responses. In order to improve the assessment process I could build a private booth for students where they can sit a test. This would be with the help of a sloodle tutorial. The beauty of sloodle is that it links Second Life with the Moodle at my school so that the student marks are automatically uploaded.

Some other teachers at my school have been able to assist students with their qualitative feedback by using this response square.

Year 9 test next time_001


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