GEELS2010 Getting started on Twitter

September 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

I want to learn more. I want to learn more about engaging students and develop my understanding of pedagogies. I want to learn more about applying dynamic leadership in education. I want to share my ideas and build my professional learning network. One way this can happen is via twitter.

Sign up right here.

Add a photo of yourself so that people know what you look like. It’s all about connecting with people.

Note down your passions in the bio section so that people can know how you are going to make a difference.

Follow people. At GEELS2010 follow: @simonbreakspear @benpaddlejones @edusum @markliddell @tim__barrett @melanne_k @Ky_Maree @theSolymosi @MsPeel @sozzieg @BiancaH80 @aaronjtait

Add yourself to this list.

Now listen and learn. Then share. Listen, learn, share. Share your gold.

Look at the people who follow people that you follow. Check out their blog and look at their recent tweets. If you like their style then follow them. If they are not talking about your passions then don’t follow them.

Invest three minutes a day by interacting with your twitter feed.

Welcome to your new future.

Please share this. May teachers connect as life long learners so that we engage and foster students to be life long learners.


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