Rules of engagement for @markliddell twitter account

January 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

I was first introduced to twitter in January 2009.

It was sold to me as a way of connecting and sharing with teachers from around the globe who shared my passions in education.

It has been an invaluable way of building my Professional Learning Network (PLN). These are the rules that I apply to my tweets (most of the time) so that I add value to the ‘education conversation’ within my PLN:

  • Where possible, include a link within the tweet. This is so that others can be directed to the foundation of your comment, idea or reply.
  • Add a hash tag to the tweet. This just means the tweet can be more easily identified. The tags I use most frequently use are: #mathchat for mathematics related conversations; #edtech for applications of technology to the learning and learning environment; #edchat for general education conversations and #scil for conversations related to my school.
  • Acknowledge the source for a retweet. If the original author is not mentioned then you are stealing the credit.
  • Consider the value that the tweet will add. Ask yourself whether the contribution will help develop the conversation for most or if the conversation should be taken to a different medium.

I want to ensure that my twitter feed is a benefit to my PLN.

Are there rules of engagement that you apply for twitter?


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