That first step

February 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

What is the first step in starting a Professional Learning Network (PLN) using Twitter?

I was able to question  fellow teachers  during an open space technology conference session at school this year.

I specifically wanted to know what was holding them back from connecting with other educators via twitter. They commented that they liked the idea of a PLN and thought it would be a constructive step to take. The big issue was, ‘Who do I follow first?’.

In order to help people make that first step of using twitter one could point them to We Follow but sometimes it’s nice just to hear someone suggest, ‘You should follow this person’.

Please contribute (by commenting) to the list below and suggest who first time tweeters should follow given their area of passion.

So far,

Maths – John Faig , Simon Job, Mark Liddell

P.E. – Mr Robbo, Jay Trevaskis

Innovation – Steve Collis

History – Dave Posker-Hill

Design and Technology –

Biology – Andrew Douch

Chemistry –

Physics –

Technology – Andrew Blackwell

Music –

Commerce –

English –

Geography –


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