The ABC of hovercam…

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was first introduced to the Hovercam during a web conference I attended last year with Dan Meyer. It’s a great tool for the learning environment because:

  • I can record sessions during class and then upload them to our school’s moodle (Learning Management System);
  • During class I can broadcast examples of student work through the projector and celebrate great work and point out areas for improvement;
  • If students are struggling with a particular concept or question then I can create a step by step explanation that they can watch in their own time;
  • When absent from school I can still leave resources for student that assist their learning.
This video is not the most amazing example for use of a hovercam but you can at least get a taste of how it works. There’s also an option to use dual camera so that I can be showing an example from my workbook but also have my face in the top corner of the screen.


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