Go climb a tree – seeking perspective

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

They say that innovation occurs when you work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Frank Boyd says that by “seeking as many views as possible on an idea, particularly in the early, divergent stages of development, is one of the secrets of great design”.

Last month we had the chance to meet with Valerie Hannon from the Innovation Unit. It was a great opportunity to hear about the innovation projects that have been developed in education, local government and social justice. Specifically in education I was encouraged by reading about the 10 schools for the 21C and also 10 ways to 21C education.

Since returning back to SCIL I have been encouraged to think about the people that are influencing and guiding my innovative thinking. By meeting with people who I wouldn’t normally spend time with, by going to places where I wouldn’t normally go, by immersing myself in strong cultures and then reflecting on the experiences I am beginning to see how this affects my teaching and learning practice. Go climb a tree, get a different perspective.


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