Let’s just keep doing what we’ve always done… Wednesday 21st March @ Sydney University

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Let’s just keep doing what we’ve always done…

This page forms part of a presentation at Sydney University. You can find a recording of the session right here.

Crisis in Education


Online – other side of the world, reduce your chance of dying in a plane crash, how big really?, how many really?

Physical – Read all about Designing Spaces for Effective Learning

Virtual – Second Life for education


stop stealing dreams by Seth Godin

intelligence of networks

maths super hero blog



Northern Beaches Christian School

Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning

Stephen Harris


The Most Audacious ‘Class’ I’ve Ever Seen (Lou DeibeChantelle MorrisonKatesha AllisDaniel Wearne, Chez Robbins,Clare Froggatt and Skender Cameron)


Professor John Hattie


dy dan

Murmuration video


Let’s just keep doing what we’ve always done…

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There are some drastic changes needed in schools if we want to provide students with 21st Century Learning skills. We can’t simply follow the industrial era model of education and hope that students will become life long learners. Please join the conversation right here when I lead a session at the Sydney University Coco Seminar series. We’ll be using the hashtag #scilcoco and starting at 11am Sydney time on Wednesday 21st March. You can find the time of the presentation for your time zone right here. Tags for the sessions are: Spaces. Leadership. Networks. Culture. Innovation.

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