similar to the way cafes attract people

August 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

“Today’s schools must create spaces that students want to go to, similar to the way cafes attract people, rather than the space being purely functional.” Andrew Bunting

This week I was reading  a friend‘s post on spaces for learning and reflecting on some comments from Melbourne Architect Andrew Bunting. I have watched my Principal pay much attention to the creation, design and use of physical space. He has encouraged all staff to rethink the way that space can be used in order to engage student learners. This week I took some photos in class to capture some of the latest furniture that has been placed in our Global Learning Village. There were three main things that came to mind as I considered physical learning spaces:

1. People like the atmosphere and vibe of a cafe – it’s an interesting, comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time. What can we borrow from this environment for the learning spaces of school?

2. If collaboration is a skill that we want students to develop then does the layout of the learning space allow for this?

3. Will students be more likely to develop a love of learning if they see the real world reflected in the learning contexts of their school?

 “…if students do not leave school with a love of learning, they will be disadvantaged in today’s ‘knowledge society’ ” Andrew Bunting

It was interesting to see how TU Delft has been using a variety of furniture in order to create a more creative feel to their library.

Just down the road in the DOK local library it was great to see how they were leading the way in restructuring their learning spaces to make them more engaging and vibrant.

“Schools as places of transformation must focus on student development. This should happen through the formal and informal learning processes.”

Read more about the The Effect of the Physical Learning Environment on Teaching and Learning.


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