Open space technology – the new conference black

October 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

It was great to team up with Ben (@benpaddlejones) and Alice (@aliceleung) to prepare a session for the Global Emerging Leaders Summit in Brisbane. We planned a session that would engage each of the delegates by giving them an opportunity to learn and contribute in a meaningful way. Sometimes conferences can be a passive experience of sitting down while a selection of people present. There are certain contexts where this can be useful however we were impressed by the open space technology model which suggests a different angle. It’s based on the premise that most people have their most important learning conversations during the coffee and meal breaks. This is where we meet new people, compare ideas and share understanding. The session begins with a theme, we selected, ‘Redesigning learning – how will we lead this change?’. Then everyone in the room is charged with the responsibility of suggesting ideas, solutions and possibilities. The ideas are sorted, ranked and short listed. The community bulletin board is set up and then the fun begins.




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