Lumiar Institute in São Paulo

March 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

It was a warm morning in March and I crossed Paulista Avenue to find my way to Lumiar Institute.

As Célia showed me around the site and explained the teaching and learning philosophy I could see that this was a very special place. In order to best meet the needs of students there are both Tutors and Masters that work within the school. Tutors build strong relationships with the students and help them to develop learning skills while Masters are responsible to guide students with learning experiences for specific projects.

The aspects of Lumiar that really stood out to me were:

– student democracy –

Rather than just having students take a passive approach within their school Lumiar invites them to lead and be involved with decision making. They empower students so that there is a buy-in to the all aspects of their day.

– student choice –

The students are encouraged to suggest what their current interests and passions are. Their learning is then focused around these topics. They have found that students are more engaged when they take they ownership of directing their learning.

– multi grade grouping –

Peer-to-peer mentoring and group work plays an important part in learning. All of the learning spaces within Lumiar are set up for collaboration rather than in rows facing the front.

Take a look-see at this snap shot of Lumiar from a few years ago.



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