Students who are architects of lives that transcend the ordinary

March 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

The mission statement for Avenues in New York City is extensive and inspirational. They have set some clear educational objectives and it was great to see the wheels in motion last week.


Our first stop was the Math classrooms. No front row, no back row, just one group and everyone is involved. Each student begins their session by writing down a question that they need help with on their whiteboard. They use the Singapore Math methodology and after chatting with students they mentioned the challenges in getting started but the high rigor they are now able to achieve as a result.


There is a strong sense that students are learning as global citizens. Each student is taking a second language from age three. The foyer screen, run by the media team, jumps from place to place around the world identifying locations, cultures and geographical highlights.


Avenues intends open up other global sites so that students can change from one school to another seamlessly. I came away with a sense that students will face great challenges in their learning at Avenues and this is precisely what they need in order to become effective global leaders.


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