Are you in cruise mode?

October 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m preparing for an ocean swim race in a few months and right now I’m building fitness by running. I downloaded RunKeeper to help record some of my times but never did I realise the impact that it would have.

run keeper imgae


Every 5 minutes, during my run, I get an update on how far I have run and the average number of minutes per km. At first these updates were annoying, but now that I’ve got into the swing of it, the reminders are pushing me to achieve times and distances that are well beyond my expectations.

I’m getting regular, objective and consistent feedback on my running and it feels great.

The key part of the feedback that was helpful related to when I was ‘cruising’ during my run. I found that along flat sections of the run, instead of trying to maintain a fast pace I was simply moving along but without much thought or motivation. So now this hits home to my normal day or week at school. How can I identify the times when I enter cruise mode and what can I do about it?

When am I most likely to cruise?

– If I begin a day without a plan. I like to use some of the elements from Peter Bregman’s 18 minutes.

– If I don’t have times assigned to the tasks that I wish to complete.

– If I haven’t clearly laid out the tasks of a project.

– If I sit in a work space where I will be distracted.

I have always found it helpful to reflect on my day and then see which parts were fruitful and which parts were not optimised. It has been satisfying to build up some self awareness of my productivity and I hope that it will continue. My mentor has provided some great tips and advice too.

What is your productivity level like?

Do you have a more successful Monday/Tuesday and then reduce productivity during the rest of the week?

Are you aware of your good and/or bad habits?

Do you need a mentor or coach to help with aspects of your productivity?



The Cole Classic Ocean swin race


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