ELH 2009 Presentation

A recording of this session that compliments this page can be found right here.

Sign up at twitter.com

Follow some people. I recommend http://twitter.com/Steve_Collishttp://twitter.com/mrrobbo and I’m at http://twitter.com/markliddell

This video could be helpful as well.

Tweekdeck – Helpful tool to organise your tweets and groups

Tweetie for iPhone – purchase at iTunes

Wefollow.com – An index where you can nominate and post your specific areas of interest for twitter use

Map of the opposite side of world – Hello China? Find out where the opposite side of the world is from your home.

Snippy – Basic screen capture

Easy capture – My preference for screen capture

Reduce your odds of dying in a plane crash – Mayday – helps students to think about statistics in the real world

Maths in the movies – An index of clips that contain maths in the movies

WordPress.com – Start your blog here

Blogger – Or start a blog here

Learnosity – Great tool for developing verbal reasoning for students

Wordle – Fun way of expressing words creatively

Animoto – Cool way for students to express their learning through photos and music

GoAnimate – Flash cartooning where students can present their work

KeepVid – Download youtube videos with ease (for legal reasons please read this )

TubeChop – Edit and then create a new link for youtube videos

Mind Meister – Mind mapping in html code

Designing spaces for effective learning + some talk of the trends

Teen Second Life – A virtual space where students learn while flying

Quest Atlantis – Another great virtual space

Skoolaborate – Schools collaborating to engage student learners. A cutting edge innovative project, initiated by MLC School in Sydney, Australia.

Posterous – Send an email to post@posterous.com and your blog has started

Northern Beaches Christian School – My school

Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning – The research arm of my school

Expanding Learning Horizons 2009 – The conference where this presentation was delivered


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