Jokaydia Unconference 09 Presentation

This is my part of a presentation that was run by Steve Collis at the Jokaydia Unconference 09.

There have been contributors from all around the world and you can check out their profiles here.

1. Introduction to our Second Life island ‘Booralie’




2. Our statistics lesson in Booralie

In Year 9 Mathematics we were learning about the mean, median and mode of a distribution. A fence was constructed in one part of our island around a group of trees. Students had to measure the heights of the two types of trees in the forest and they carried this out by using the x, y and z coordinates.201



The results of the students findings were uploaded to the fence so that other visitors could see the result of their work.



3. Our Surds Mathematics test in ‘Booralie’

The students had been learning about surds and the first three questions of our formative assessment took place on a big brown stage in the middle of our village. It didn’t meet the requirements of an authentic assessment task although I do have some ideas about what we could do next time to ensure that it is. There are sloodle tutorials where you can organise private screens in Second Life that automatically upload grades into moodle.










 There is also the option of having students stand in certain areas as they respond to questions that are asked. One of the teachers at my school, Tim Barrett, has used the likert scale model sucessfully with Year 11 students.










4. Some other parts of our island

The science faculty at school have been designing a floating physics room. This is one of their walls.










The students also enjoyed our trip to the dance floor. Normally our French classes would use the area but we tried it out and learnt some good things. 502


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